RealNetworks, Camiant Team Up on Cable Streaming


Camiant Inc. and RealNetworks Inc. will combine the former’s “QBUS Policy Server” with the latter’s “Helix Universal Server,” the two companies announced Thursday.

The integration will allow cable operators to provide true quality of service for streaming audio and video content delivered by RNI’s Helix, enabling them to offer highly differentiated audio and video streaming services to their high-speed-data subscribers and resulting in a premium end-user experience.

The integrated product enables cable operators to offer subscribers the option to rent additional bandwidth on-demand for bandwidth-intensive activities, such as online games, movie downloads and file transfers.

Operators would then be able to offer differentiated services and differentiated pricing, and they would possess a mechanism through which bandwidth-intensive traffic is implicitly controlled.

The QBUS Policy Server supports Cable Television Laboratories Inc.’s PacketCable Multimedia standard and provides the framework for allowing operators the ability to control the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification network through cable-modem-termination systems and cable modems.

“As consumer adoption of broadband and advanced content services continues to rise, so, too, does the expectation for a quality viewing experience that rivals television," RNI general manager of broadband Surya Mantha said in a prepared statement.

“Combining our Helix Universal service with Camiant's server gives cable operators the ability to provide their customers an unparalleled and rich audio and video media experience, which also creates an enhanced revenue opportunity,” Mantha added.

Camiant founder and chief technology officer Susie Kim Riley said, "In partnership with RealNetworks, we have developed a unique product that enables cable operators to take a big step forward in the seamless delivery of premium content that will redefine consumers' cable streaming experience.”