RealNetworks Nails Cable Nets

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Las Vegas -- Streaming-media provider RealNetworks
. firmed up deals last week with four cable programmers that will use its
technology to deliver their Internet broadcasts.

At the National Association of Broadcasters
show here, RealNetworks snared CNN Interactive, Courtroom
Television Network
, HBO Interactive and TCI Music,
as well as ABC Radio, Playbill Online, JAMTV/Rolling
Stone Network
and Qradio, as takers for its RealSystem 5.0 and
Real Broadcast Network technologies

RealSystem 5.0 is a client-server streaming media that
enables the viewing and delivery of real-time multimedia over the Internet, with
full-screen video resolution at 100 kilobits per second to 300 kbps.

Home Box Office said it will work with
Dakota New Media to produce four original comedy programs specifically for the Internet,
using RealNetworks' technology.

CNN Interactive said it will work with Sun Microsystems
Inc., using its Solaris operating environment and running RealNetworks streaming media, to
deliver real-time audio and video programming.

As reported last week, TCI Music will use RealNetworks
technology on its DMX and The Box audio services, executives said. TCI Music and
RealNetworks will work together to jointly develop new music services for the Web
"and other interactive platforms." Plus, TCI Music's Web site, SonicNet,
will expand its use and promotion of RealNetworks products, TCI Music said.