Record Deal for Nick


Nickelodeon and BMG Strategic Marketing Group have entered into a multiyear agreement to expand Nick's presence in the music business, the two companies said Tuesday.

Nick and BMG will create a major music brand for kids and tweens, Nick Records, featuring talent from the network, soundtrack music based on its hit shows and compilations.

Nick Records’ first project was released Tuesday -- an album based on its Dora the Explorer series.

Its second release, Rugrats Holiday Classics!, is due Oct. 12, featuring Nick’s Rugrats singing holiday songs.

“Nickelodeon is clearly the leader in children and tween programming and entertainment,” BMG executive vice president Joe DiMuro said in a prepared statement. “We are excited to join forces with them.”

“Developing a record label will allow us to explore another avenue for showcasing Nick talent,” added Nickelodeon Enterprises president Jeff Dunn. “Music plays such a vibrant role in kids' lives. Nick Records will give them great music and new choices across a variety of styles.”