Red Planet Media Prepares Launch of Mobile VOD in Spanish


Red Planet Media this month is expected to announce the launch of three mobile VOD channels aimed at Hispanics. The new channels, which will launch on AT&T and Sprint phones, include Spanish-language movies, telenovelas and an international newscast updated daily.

According to Oscar Bravo, vice president of business development of Red Planet Media, the new service will allow AT&T and Sprint subscribers with video-capable phones to access entire movies and telenovelas divided into 5-6 minute-segments at a price of $4.99 per month each channel. A newscast, produced in a pan-regional accent in Colombia and Miami, will also join the Hispanic offering with daily updates in sports, entertainment and general news.

The company, which this month launched mobile VOD channel FUNimation, estimates over 31 million AT&T phones and 20 million Sprint phones have video capabilities, and a “high percentage” of those are expected to subscribe to at least one VOD channel. Marketing and promotions will kick off later this month in partnership with the mobile carriers.