Reelz Flies With Alaska Airlines, Promoting VOD

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ReelzChannel is taking its entertainmentthemed
content on the road through a number of video
distribution deals with consumer retail companies.

The network last week inked a deal with Alaska Airlines
to provide a mix of 3- to 5-minute in-flight video

The videos will promote films showing in theaters and
on cable video-on-demand and pay-per-view lineups, according
to John DeGarmo, senior vice president of sales
and distribution for the network.


Alaska Airlines joins other companies such as hotel
video provider LodgeNet, movie-theater chain Cinedigm
Theatres and airport store franchise In Motion
that are currently promoting ReelzChannel programming
and, the network hopes, providing ad-revenue

As part of the agreement, ReelzChannel is offering
a mix of content including movie trailers, celebrity interviews
and behind-the-scenes movie clips, as well as
commentary and reviews from movie experts such as
Leonard Maltin and Richard Roper.

With some providers, like Alaska Airlines and
LodgeNet, DeGarmo said the network produces longerform
programming that highlights the network’s original
series and specials.

DeGarmo said the deals also benefi t operators in that
some of the shorts promote
movies that are currently in the
VOD/PPV and premium-service

“In general, these are videos
that get people interested in
what we’re doing and to know
more about us and what’s offered
on cable,” he said.


ReelzChannel also said more
than half of the out-of-home distribution
deals provide the network
with 1 to 3 minutes of ad
time to sell to another advertiser.

DeGarmo would not reveal
specific ad revenue details but
said the network is currently offering
its advertisers a “business
traveler’s package” in which
companies can buy ad time
across the network as well as in
airports and hotel rooms and on

“We can bring our existing advertisers these value-
added, out-of-home advert ising opportunities
that offer increased awareness for our clients,” he

ReelzChannel recently made news by acquiring the
controversial miniseries The Kennedys after the series’
initial producer, History, dropped the program. The network
will air the series, which tells the story of the Kennedy
clan, next month.


ReelzChannel has inked out-of-home video-clip distribution
deals with these companies:

Cinedigm: 500 theaters, 2,500 screens

Landmark/Spotlight Theatres: 400 screens in top 25 DMAs

InMotion Retail Stores:
54 locations in 31 airports

1,500 health clubs/gyms

Zoom: 600 bars and nightclubs nationwide

LodgeNet: 1.7M hotel rooms nationwide

McDonald’s: In-store network in testing now

AutoNet TV: 2,600 stores, 2.5M monthly viewers

1,000 doctors’ offices, 1.5M monthly viewers

Alaska Airlines:
Launches April 2011

SOURCE: ReelzChannel