Remotes Lose Favor Among Younger Viewers: Survey

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As multichannel operators search for better ways for subscribers to navigate through hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of on demand titles, a new report finds that many younger viewers would prefer to use their smartphones and tablets to change channels and control their TV viewing.

The survey by Altman Vilandrie & Co. and Research Now found that 41% of those ages 18-34 would prefer using their smartphone, tablet or computer keyboard to change channels and control their TV.

In addition, about half of all 18- to 34-year-olds say they would prefer an alternate program guide, such as a screen with apps or images of available content, to a traditional TV guide.

Several operators and a number of vendors have been moving to satisfy that demand with apps that allow smartphones and tablets to navigate through the channel line-up, search for content and program DVRs.

"Instead of the age-old argument about who holds the TV remote, families will soon be squabbling over whose smartphone is controlling the TV," said Altman Vilandrie director Jonathan Hurd, who oversaw the research project, in a statement.

Research Now fielded the online survey with more than 1,000 U.S. consumers in July.
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