Rentrak Report Tracks Growing TV On-Demand Audience


Rentrak, which provides transactional media measurement and analytical services, said Wednesday that the number of on-demand orders it’s processed during the first six months this year has increased 44%, to 1.44 billion orders, versus last year. 

That data was part of Rentrak’s OnDemand Essentials 2007 Mid-Year Report.

Providing an overview of on-demand usage trends and growth during the first six months of 2007, the OnDemand Essentials 2007 Mid-Year Report features: an analysis comparing free on demand, subscription video on demand and transactional on demand performance among nine U.S. regions; growth analysis of the most popular genres, including children’s and music programming; and sections on HDTV and broadcast primetime.

The report also includes transaction analysis of set-top box growth and information regarding the number of orders for free on-demand content.

The year-over-year census level analysis clearly identifies the trend that consumers are engaging with on-demand content more than ever and the industry is responding by delivering more content and making the availability of on-demand content easier than ever before.

Evidence of this trend is seen in the record-breaking orders Rentrak collected for the first half of 2007, which is on pace to double the 2.6 billion-order total Rentrak processed in 2006. 

“We are thrilled at the lightning growth of the On Demand industry,” said Cathy Hetzel, president, Advanced Media & Information Division at Rentrak. “We are confident that the viewing behavior transaction data collected for the first half of 2007, and trends derived from this data will serve the business intelligence needs of the on demand industry, and can immediately be applied toward successful business and advertising strategies.”