Rep. Eshoo: Time To Rebrand Net Neutrality

Launches Contest on Reddit to Come Up with New Name
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Net neutrality fan Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.), who represents Silicon Valley, has launched a contest — announced on reddit and in a press release — to rebrand "network neutrality.

In a YouTube video, she says the term "network neutrality" is too ambiguous and is being "misused and abused in this debate." Add in terms like interconnection, Title II and paid prioritization," she adds, and "the American people are left with a muddled understanding on what to support."

She says the ISPs are happy with that confusion. "To clear things up," she says, "I am hosting a contest on reddit inviting internet users to rebrand network neutrality," which she goes on to define as "the principal that all Internet traffic is created equal and should be treated as such."

She also takes aim at the FCC's proposal to use Sec. 706 authority to restore network neutrality rules that would allow commercially reasonable discrimination, which she says could allow for priority treatment to "big online corporations that pay higher fees to broadband providers."

She says that would mean Internet fast and slow lanes, although FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who proposed the new framework, has said he does not think fast and slow lanes are commercially reasonable discrimination.

Eshoo said only having one or two ISPs to choose from "added insult to injury."