Reps. Seek GAO Study of Auction Impact on LPTV, Translators

Want to Know How Different Scenarios Would Affect Them

The former Republican chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee and the current ranking member of its Communications Subcommittee have asked the Government Accounting Office to study the impact of the FCC's incentive auction on low-power TV stations and translators. 

Those stations, with the exception of Class A low powers, are not participating in the auction and were not afforded the same status or coverage area and interference protections after the auction as were full-power TV's.

The FCC is doing a similar evaluation, the legislators concede, but said they think the GAO study would help provide recommendations to the FCC and Congress on how to ameliorate the impact of the auction on LPTV's and translators, which retransmit full-power signals to hard-to-reach areas.

They are asking for the impact under two different scenarios: if the FCC reclaims 84 MHz from broadcasters, and if they get the FCC's high-end estimate of 126 MHz.

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