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New York -- Pay-per-view gross revenues reached almost $1.2
billion last year as the number of addressable homes grew 16 percent to an estimated 37
million, according to Request Television's annual industry report.

Request predicts that the PPV addressable universe will
grow 13 percent to 41.9 million this year, driven by direct-broadcast satellite, expanded
analog cable and digital cable. The PPV service expects operators will use analog PPV
bandwidth for new expanded digitally compressed PPV channels.

Other statistics out of the report included:

• The average number of analog PPV channels per
addressable home stood at 6.0 in 1997 and should increase to 7.2 this year.

• The average PPV movie retail rate is likely to drop
to $3.75 this year, from $3.92 last year, due to competition from DirecTv and other
distributors selling films for $2.99.

• The average home video to PPV window was 48 days.

• Boxing contributed to 61.2 percent of total PPV
event revenue and wrestling contributed 34.4 percent. Request expects boxing's share
to drop to 58.4 percent and wrestling to rise to 38 percent this year.