Rescue Me


(FX, Tuesday, June 29, 11 p.m.)

When last seen, at the end of season
five, Rescue Me’s Tommy Gavin (Denis
Leary) was bleeding to death on the
floor of his bar, shot by Uncle Teddy
(Lenny Clarke) for various sins.

Season six finds the agingcharmer
hero, an alcoholic, 9/11-
surviving New York firefighter, continuing
to pay for his sins, in every
possible hell imaginable.

“You ain’t a rebel,” Cousin Mickey
(Robert John Burke) scolds him after
treating him to a high-speed thrill
ride they somehow survive. “All rebels
die young.”

Attempts to set Tommy straight
— be it by semi-estranged wife
Janet (Andrea Roth), danger mistress
Sheila (Callie Thorne) or any other
friend or relation — never seem to
take. Tommy walks through hell, or
hells, with a shoulder-chip in place.
Judge for yourself the scene in the
church in the season six opener,
“Legacy.” Seems pretty rebellious
to me. Peter Gallagher joins this
season as a priest providing Tommy
with theological

Louis C.K.’s
Louie is comic,
not tragic. He’s
a divorced dad
of two young
daughters, a
standup comic
who tries to do
the right thing.
He’s New York
City through
and through,
and the city and its characters have
enough charm to carry the show
through his awkward dates, awkward
play dates, awkward therapy
sessions and so on.

Ricky Gervais guests in episode
three as a maniacal M.D. Louis C.K.
(you might remember from HBO’s
Lucky Louie) writes, directs, edits and
stars in stand-up routines that aren’t
as funny as his Louie’s real life.