Retirement Living TV Series Says Sex Is Fountain Of Youth


Retirement Living TV will bring its 50-plus audience up to speed on holistic treatments with its new series, Whole Body Health.

Bowing April 29 at 9 p.m., Whole Body Health will provide watchers with medical commentary and first-hand accounts of buzz-worthy and sometimes unconventional holistic practices available today. The series explores several alternative treatments, including: bee sting therapy, superfoods, cancer and enzymes therapy, Native American healing and more. It also features modern analysis on ancient healing practices and reveals whether these remedies truly work.
One installment featuring best-selling author of the You series Dr. Michael Roizen covers a practice viewers may want to practice: how an active sex life can lead to a long life.
"Whole Body Health explores holistic approaches to health care. Each week we take viewers on a journey into the world of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine," said RLTV vice programming and production Elliot Jacobson in a statement. "Distinguishing features of the program are the reality checks that involve medical experts weighing in on the alternative treatments and regular reminders to viewers to have a discussion with a primary care physician before trying any therapy or dietary change."