Reuters Rolls with Web War Video


America looks to be headed to war with Iraq, and news agency Reuters is going
to provide streaming-media pictures to Americans hitting the Web for

The news-wire service has rolled out Reuters Raw Video, a streaming-video
service that will offer front-line footage of the looming war. That will include
battlefield images, full-sound video and news conferences 24 hours daily,
according to Reuters.

The service will be offered for a free trial period, but Reuters intends to
convert it to a subscription service in the future.

"By bringing raw video footage directly to (, we are extending access to
the reporting strength of Reuters -- known globally for speed, accuracy and
impartiality -- directly to consumers," said Rich Sabreen, executive vice
president and global head of Reuters Media.

In all, Reuters has assigned 150 staffers -- including writers, photographers
and TV crews -- to Iraq and the surrounding region. That includes 20 news
staffers remaining in Baghdad and, unlike other news outlets, Reuters has no
plans to pull them out.