Review: BBCA America's 'Occupation'


From the opening, tense scenes with a squadron of British soldiers driving into an urban war zone in Basra, in Southern Iraq, in April 2003, the early days of the Allied invasion, Peter Bowker's Occupation will have your heart beating faster and your senses focused. You might never calm down, awaiting the next terror.

Three soldiers - Mike Swift, Danny Peterson and Lee Hibbs - return to Manchester with an Iraqi girl who was seriously injured in the Basra apartment building the trio entered on that first mission. All will go back to Iraq, for different reasons. Mike (James Nesbitt, Murphy's Law) becomes involved with the Iraqi doctor, Aliyah Nabi (Lubna Azabal), who treats the girl. Lee (Warren Brown) can't find anything at home to replace his belief in the mission to help Iraqis. Danny (Stephen Graham, Al Capone in HBO's upcoming Boardwalk Empire) becomes a private contractor, seeking reconstruction riches.

Love, greed and loyalty and mix with jealousy, betrayal, humor and horror over a vivid four-hour ride.

BBCA America premieres Occupation on Sunday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m.