Review: Encore's 'Thorne'


Encore will look
to entrap viewers in a psychological
thriller with the U.K.-
based miniseries Thorne.

The four-hour two-parter focuses
on complex-but-effective
London Detective Inspector
Tom Thorne (David Morrissey), who investigates
Britain’s worst homicides and serial killers. In the
first episode, “Sleepyhead,” Thorne takes on a
case featuring the deaths of three women initially
diagnosed as having strokes. When a fourth victim
survives with similar injuries, though, Thorne spots
the work of a serial killer inexplicably paralyzing his
victims with a stroke-inducing drug before they die.

Desperate for clues, Thorne tries to coerce
answers from the surviving victim, Allison Willetts
(Sara Lloyd-Gregory), whose
injuries leave her in a vegetative
state. One of the show’s
clever but eerie scenes feature
Allison’s voice conversing in
her mind with those around
her, even though she’s unable
to physically verbalize her

The killer eventually contacts
Thorne, setting off a chain of
events that takes the detective back to his haunted
past in an effort to prevent more murders.

The second episode, “Scaredy Cat,” teams
Thorne with troubled Detective Sgt. Sarah McEvoy
(Sandra Oh) on a case of women murdered in the
same fashion at the same time, potentially by
separate killers.

Fans of psychological thrillers will enjoy the plot
twists and turns that Thorne throws their way.