Review: 'Harlem Heights'


BET's Harlem Heights has a different feel to it than your run-of-the-mill reality show.
The series features eight, young post-college adults trying to realize their dreams, a refreshing change from the typical washed-up celebrities or young, over-the-top celeb wanna-bes that populate most reality shows.
While the first episode introduces the cast members, the action mostly revolves around their emotional and poignant reactions to President Obama's win on election night. The focus on the relationships between the friends doesn't really begin until the second episode when we begin to see the closeness - and, in some cases, friction - between the participants.
Of course, no reality series is without its drama: the second episode finds the group in the middle of a long-standing rift between aspiring actress Ashlie and "diva" Brooke that comes to a head during Ashlie's birthday party.
Mostly the show keeps the flow between cast members even-toned - albeit a bit scripted - as it creatively follows the lives of successful young black men and women trying to find their way in the world, with the historic and culturally rich Harlem as its backdrop.

Harlem Heights bows on BET on Monday March 2 at 10 p.m.