Reviews from Gadget Gurus


Seeking gadgetry? Here’s what cable’s top gadget junkies either crave or love, starting with flying things and personal drones.

For Comcast’s Tony Werner and Time Warner Cable’s Mike Hayashi, it’s a ($1,100) flying camera — the DJI Phantom 2 Vision. You too can be a drone long before Amazon lifts off!

Fancy watches are back. Comcast’s Sherita Caesar likes the Samsung S9100 phone watch, mostly because “it’s big and has lots of flashing lights.”

Also hot: Bicycle accouterment. Charter’s Jay Rolls is eyeing a road bike with electronic shifting — “it’s finally gone mainstream, but commands a $1,000 premium,” he sighed.

For Jud Cary at CableLabs, it’s a string of LED lights to spruce up a bicycle’s spokes.

And, of course, there are television sets. HBO’s Craig Cuttner finally upgraded his “1980s HDTV” with a Samsung F8500 series plasma. “I love the dark blacks of plasma — and, take that, 4K, it’s 1080p. As the future will foretell, it’s all about brightness!”

Likewise for Sabrina Calhoun, at Bright House Networks, who braved a big-box store last week to fall in love with Samsung’s curved OLED. “WOW! It looks like a work of art,” she noted. Price tag: $9,000. (She’ll stick with her non-organic TV for now.)

Lifelong gadget guru Bill Sheppard, with Nuance Communications, recommends this the Aviator Laptop Stand for chronic air travelers. “It’s a cheap but really useful way to keep a laptop usable even when the jerk in front of you fully reclines.” (I’m in for that one.)

May all of your 2014 gadgets be friendly and bright! Merry merry.