RGB, OpenTV Demo Advanced Ads

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RGB Networks and OpenTV announced a partnership to offer cable operators a solution for inserting video, graphics or text onto ads or elsewhere in a program.

The solution combines RGB's Broadcast Network Processor and OpenTV's campaign-management software, using SCTE 35 and SCTE 130 standards. Together, the systems can be used to "localize" national ads by adding in real time addresses or other information for local advertisers to a single, nationally broadcast ad. Overlays could also be used as "triggers" for interactive or telescoping ads, the vendors said.

"The combination of OpenTV's campaign management with RGB's overlay technology demonstrates a new breed of advertising product that is inherently addressable and audience focused," Bruce Dilger, OpenTV's chief architect for advanced advertising and vice president of research and development, said in a statement. "It's exciting to apply these new, flexible standards to achieve dynamic, localized ad insertions that enhance the viewer's experience while expanding the opportunities for advertisers."