Rigas: I'm Almost in Denial


Granting his first interview in months, disgraced Adelphia Communications
Corp. founder John Rigas complained Thursday that it was "unimaginable" how the
feds slapped handcuffs on his wrists and paraded him in New York for a perp walk
in July.

"I can't believe, I'm almost denying myself the thought that this has
happened," Rigas said in an interview with Buffalo, N.Y., CBS affiliate WIVB-TV,
according to AP.

Rigas -- who allegedly looted billions of dollars from Adelphia along with
his sons, Michael and Tim -- insisted that the golf course he allegedly began to
build with Adelphia funds was intended for charity.

"This was going to be a nonprofit enterprise, and the spin that [prosecutors]
put on it -- that I owned most of the land and there was no lease agreement and
I was going to sell it for a big profit -- completely erroneous and unfair," he

Rigas also claimed that Adelphia's directors knew that his Buffalo Sabres
National Hockey League team, which filed for Chapter 11 Monday, borrowed
millions of dollars from the MSO.