Rigas Jury Getting Closer?


New York -- Jurors in the federal fraud trial of four former Adelphia Communications Corp. executives finished their seventh day of deliberations without a verdict, but they gave an inkling of hope that they may be closer to a decision.

On Wednesday afternoon, jurors requested eight additional documents, most pertaining to the bank-fraud charges in the 23-count indictment against the four men. That gave defense and prosecution lawyers an inkling of hope that a verdict could be coming soon -- the bank-fraud charge is the last charge of the indictment.

However, jurors also asked for a chart pertaining to a stock purchase of 4 million Adelphia shares by the Rigas family, which appears not to be related to the bank-fraud charge.

Former Adelphia chairman John Rigas, his sons -- former chief financial officer Timothy and former executive vice president of operations Michael -- and former assistant treasurer Michael Mulcahey have been charged with 23 counts of fraud and conspiracy. All four men have pleaded not guilty.

Jurors are expected to continue deliberations Thursday morning.