Rivals Target AT&T Data Subs


Cable-modem competitors have been quick to capitalize on the plight of some
885,000 AT&T Broadband customers cut off from the Excite@Home Corp. network,
offering the stranded customers some sweet deals to make the switch.

Qwest Communications International Inc. is trying to lure in the AT&T
Broadband customers with a package worth $300 in services, including a free
digital-subscriber-line modem, free activation and up to two months' free
service on its 640-kilobit-per-second and 256-kbps MSN Broadband-powered

The regular monthly fees for these services are $49.95 and $39.95,

Qwest estimated that some 200,000 of AT&T Broadband's Excite@Home
customers are within range of its DSL plant. Once signed up, customers will
likely wait between 10 and 15 days to have their new DSL modems activated.
handle the anticipated call load, the regional Bell operating company is adding
staff this weekend.
DirecTV Broadband Inc. is also offering a lure -- two
months of free DirecTV DSL service to cable users nationwide who sign up by Dec.
31 for one year of DSL service using its Telocity DSL subsidiary. It will also
waive its $49.99 activation fee.

Even Covad Communications -- which is also working its way through a Chapter
11 bankruptcy -- is offering a special DSL package that includes a free
self-install DSL kit with a $225 rebate, no equipment charges and free dial-up
services while customers wait for their DSL lines to be