RNC Chair Doubles Down on 'Fake News’

Calls CNN, 'NYT' coverage of president 'hateful and deceitful rhetoric'

Republican National Committee chair Ronal McDaniel put her signature to the latest e-mail that uses attacks on the media as a fundraising tactic for the party and its candidates.

Taking a page from President Donald Trump's divide to conquer strategy of trying to delegitimize negative stories, the e-mail cites a "fake news" headline from arguably Trump's favorite target -- CNN -- to illustrate what the party claims is a "fake news" machine "far more powerful than the Democratic Party." The headline quoted singer Nas calling the president a racist (see photo).

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The president's campaign committee and the RNC have teamed up on previous solicitations, but this one is all-RNC.

"[T]hey have the power to trick American voters into believing they're unbiased -- all the while they peddle hateful and deceitful rhetoric about our president," McDaniel said in the email, referring to the press.

She makes it clear that CNN and The New York Times are two of those "they," saying: "They call themselves 'The Most Trusted Name in News.' They claim to cover 'All the News That’s Fit to Print..."

Curiously, after calling mainstream media outlets hateful and deceitful, the email suggests Trump supporters win when "we rise above their attacks" and deliver a positive message.

The e-mail asks for $1 to help get the president's "make America great" message past the "media filter."