Road Runner Eyes Telecommuting


Time Warner Cable's Road Runner business unit has kicked off a new
initiative to help business employees get to work via the high-speed Internet.

Prompted by the U.S. Congress' call to encourage telecommuting, the Road
Runner "Business Class Internet Service" will team up with Teletrips Inc., an
emissions-reduction tracker, to make it more attractive for workers to get the
job done at home. Businesses, in turn, gain emission credits that they can cash

The program allows Road Runner business customers to
record how many times they avoided a trip into the office on the
Web site (

). Teletrips then calculates total emission credits for the
company and finds the best price on the U.S. stationary-emissions-trading

"We've put together a strategic partnership that makes telecommuting more
attractive for business than ever," said Ken Fitzpatrick, senior vice president
for commercial services at Road Runner, in a release.

"Road Runner provides the entire range of secure, high-speed broadband
services that corporations need for telework programs, including file sharing,
and videoconferencing, while Teletrips provides the facility for measuring,
validating and profiting from the resulting emission reductions," he