Road Runner Goes to 3 Mbps


Time Warner Cable announced Monday that it is increasing download speeds for
its Road Runner customers from 2 megabits per second to 3 mbps starting Oct.

"We have consistently marketed Road Runner as the fastest way to experience
the Internet, and with this enhancement, we continue to deliver on that
promise," said Jeff King, executive vice president of Time Warner Cable Network
Services and president of Road Runner.

Other MSOs, including Comcast Corp., are testing 3 mbps, with Comcast leaning
toward launching the same service by year's end.

Part of the reason to jump to 3 mbps is to differentiate cable from digital
subscriber line at a time when DSL providers are lowering prices. Cable
operators steadfastly maintain that they would rather compete on services, and
not price, in the high-speed arena.

Time Warner Cable said it began testing 3-mbps service in August. The MSO
added that it will keep its upstream speed at 384 kilobits per second, for