Road Runner Hits Snag in Austin


An unspecified number of Road Runner cable-modem customers who tried to go
online Tuesday found that their service had pulled up

Road Runner technicians in Time Warner Cable's Austin regional data center
started detecting problems with the cable-modem systems Tuesday morning,
according to spokesman Mark Harrad. Apparently, the system was having problems
issuing Internet-protocol addresses to cable-modem users.

As with other cable-modem services, Road Runner uses Dynamic Host Control
Protocol, which creates a pool of IP addresses, then doles them out to active
users. Even if users keep their computers connected to the Internet around the
clock, after a certain period of inactivity, the IP address is circulated back
into the pool and another reissued when the user activates the connection.

Time Warner has no estimates for how many customers were affected, but Harrad
noted that it did not involve all of the customers served by the regional center
-- only the ones needing new IP addresses.

Technicians were able to create a work-around for the problem, and service
was restored by the end of the day Tuesday, he added.