Road Runner Tops Survey


J.D. Power and Associates ranked Road Runner tops in customer satisfaction among high-speed Internet-service providers Wednesday.

Road Runner scored 15 points above the industry average among 11 high-speed ISPs evaluated in a consumer survey. The study noted that connectivity was the most important driver of customer satisfaction for high-speed service customers.

Time Warner Cable provides Road Runner service to 1.4 million cable-modem customers in the United States and Canada.

Among dial-up ISPs, AT&T WorldNet ranked No. 1 in the survey. EarthLink Network Inc. ranked a distant second in the dial-up category.

According to J.D. Power, high-speed service accounts for 13 percent of all residential ISP subscriptions in the United States, up from 5 percent just a year ago. Among dial-up subscribers surveyed, 10 percent said they were likely or extremely likely to switch to a cable modem or digital-subscriber-line account within the next six months.