Robbins: We're Fine Without AT&T


Cox Communications Inc. CEO Jim Robbins said Tuesday that he doesn't regret
the fact that Cox wasn't able to strike a deal to acquire AT&T Broadband,
which is merging with Comcast Corp.

'In hindsight, we're not unhappy,' Robbins said at a Washington Metropolitan
Cable Club luncheon where he was named the 'Multichannel News Operator of
the Year.'

In a question-and-answer session with MCN editor in chief Marianne
Paskowski, Robbins said he is not concerned about the influence a combined
Comcast -AT&T Broadband would have on cable-industry policy decisions, such
as the high-definition-TV debate.

'I think [Comcast CEO] Brian [Roberts] will do what's right for the
customer,' Robbins added.

Robbins also said he wasn't concerned about a direct-broadcast satellite
venture that Cablevision Systems Corp. chairman Chuck Dolan is working on.

While Robbins called Dolan 'brilliant,' he said he 'doesn't understand that

He added that Cox's video, voice and telephony 'three-trick pony' will help
it to stave off satellite competition.