Roberts Earned $7.2M in 2002


The $7.2 million salary and bonus Comcast Corp. CEO Brian Roberts earned in
2002 isn't shabby, but it's still less than the $8.2 million annual salary and
bonus Bill Schleyer will get at Adelphia Communications Corp.

According to Comcast's proxy statement, filed Thursday, Roberts earned a $1.2
million salary in 2002, plus a $6 million bonus. That's up from the $1.1 million
salary and $1.7 million bonus he took home in 2001.

His father, chairman Ralph Roberts, earned a $1.3 million salary in 2002 and
a $1.6 million bonus.

The salaries of other senior staff included cable-division president Steve
Burke ($991,105 salary and $1.2 million bonus), co-chief financial officer
Lawrence Smith ($882,909 salary and $1 million bonus), co-CFO John Alchin
($750,135 salary and $882,000 bonus) and vice chairman Julian Brodsky ($837,560
salary and $418,780 bonus).

Nonexecutive chairman C. Michael Armstrong, who got a $3.51 million bonus in
2002, will earn a $1.8 million annual base salary through 2005. He'll also get
an annual performance bonus of no less than 150 percent of his base