Roberts Feted at Kaitz Dinner


Some 1,500 people made a lot of noise before Wednesday night's Walter
Kaitz Foundation Fund-Raising Dinner, the annual "cable prom" at the New York Hilton that
this year was strictly-for-business attire.

Kaitz chairman Art Torres said the event hit its $1.4 million target and
dished up many other stats relevant to the work-force-diversity theme, such as
how many billions of dollars are spent by women and people of color -- i.e., the

Solid entertainment came from AOL Time Warner Inc. CEO Richard Parsons'
introduction of honoree Brian Roberts.

Cable's "crown prince" was
born to the business, Parsons pointed out.

In fact, he said, parents Ralph and Suzanne Roberts "told me that the mohel
at Brian's Bris was actually a cable splicer."

The prince later playfully winced at that remark, but gave what several later
described as a statesmanlike address, urging operators and programmers to
continue to innovate and grow despite the "market malaise" of mistrust
afflicting stocks.

Also, cable must address declining customer-satisfaction marks.

And he poignantly recalled Ralph Roberts' remarks when his dad was Kaitz
honoree one-dozen years ago: that bigotry is "a disease that keeps eluding

Comcast is committed to diversity as a principle and as good business, he