Roberts Offers Condolences in Tragedy

Company’s Thoughts and Prayers with CNBC digital media GM Kevin Krim
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Comcast chairman and chief executive Brian Roberts took a few somber moments at the end of the cable giant’s third quarter earnings call with analysts to offer condolences to CNBC executive Kevin Krim and his family, whose two young children were allegedly murdered by their nanny Thursday.

“Many of you may have heard or read about the awful murder of two young children by their nanny yesterday in Manhattan and that the father of the children was part of our CNBC family,” Roberts said. “I just want to say on behalf of all of us at CNBC and Comcast and NBC Universal and many others around the nation how touched and sad we are by this unspeakable act. We will do everything we can to support the family in their awful time.”      

According to reports, Krim’s young son Leo (age 2) and daughter Lucia (age 6) were found dead of stab wounds in the bathtub of the family’s Manhattan apartment Thursday. The children’s nanny was found in the kitchen, her throat slashed in an apparent botched suicide attempt. According to reports, the children were transported to St. Luke’s Hospital in Manhattan and were pronounced dead on arrival. The nanny was taken to New York-Cornell Hospital and as of press time was in critical but stable condition. Krim’s pediatrician wife Marina discovered the grisly scene after returning home early Thursday evening. According to reports Kevin Krim, general manager of digital content at CNBC, was returning home from a business trip to San Francisco Thursday night when he was met at the airport by police, who escorted him to the hospital.