Rockefeller Makes Pitch for Rosenworcel as FCC Chair

Over Three Dozen Senators Ask President to Seriously Consider Her Elevation

More than three dozen senators, led by her former boss, have asked the President to “seriously” consider naming Jessica Rosenworcel as the next chair of the FCC.

In a letter dated March 22, the legislators point out that as a sitting commissioner she could be quickly installed as the first woman chair, although the same could be said of commissioner Mignon Clyburn, who is the senior Democrat on the commission.

“By choosing a sitting commissioner that has established bipartisan Senate support, you can quickly install a proven leader at this important agency,” they wrote.”that is particularly critical with the FCC in the middle of several significant rule makings and other initiatives.” That prominently includes the incentive auctions to reclaim spectrum from broadcasters, as well as the reform of the Universal Service Fund, media ownership rule review, and the FCC's court defense of network neutrality rules.

“[Rosenworcel] understands that in the digital age, the FCC must promote confidence for private investment in our communications infrastructure, while promoting confidence for consumers to realize the full potential and opportunity of the digital world,” they said.

Leading the signatories was Jay Rockefeller (D-W. Va.), Rosenworcel's former boss and chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, as well as Mark Pryor, Bill Nelson, Jeanne Shaheen and the veritable host of others.