Rogers Deploys SeaChange Solution for Dynamic VOD Ads


SeaChange International says Rogers Communications in Canada is using its solution to dynamically insert advertisements into the MSO's on-demand program streams during mid-roll breaks. The vendor is billing the deployment as "a first among television operators in North America."

Dynamic VOD ad insertion allows operators to almost instantaneously deliver new ads to VOD content. This would potentially help boost of the appeal of VOD ads buys for movie studios, retailers and other sponsors with time sensitive campaigns that might not have used VOD in the past.

With Rogers On Demand, dynamic mid-roll insertion of ads and pre-roll insertion of content promotions, triggered by SCTE 130 cues, began last month,according to SeaChange. Rogers is expected to implement the solution across its cable markets later this year.

For the dynamic VOD ad insertions, Rogers deployed SeaChange's Advertising Decision Manager.

Comcast is also said to be nearing dynamic, mid-roll VOD ad insertion across its fooprint.

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