Roku Says it Pulled In Nearly $400M in Revenue in 2016

Says 13.4 million active accounts streamed 9 billion hours of content last year
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Roku, the privately held streaming and ad company, announced Tuesday that it pulled in almost $400 million in revenue in 2016, up from about $300 million in revenues for all of 2015 – a number that includes player sales, licensing and advertising.

Roku said its Media and Licensing segment, which includes content consumption and promotion, licensing, and advertising sales on the platform, exceeded $100 million in high-margin revenue in 2016.

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Roku, which is reportedly in talks to raise an additional $200 million-plus in funding, also said that 13.4 million “active accounts” streamed a record 1 billion hours of video and music content in December 2016, and 9 billion hours for all of 2016. To put that growth rate in some perspective, Roku announced last year that it had about 10.6 million active accounts, meaning that they did some streaming in the last 30 days, and that its customers streamed about 5.5 billion hours of content during 2015. 

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Citing Nielsen data from December 2016, Roku said it accounted for 48% of active streaming players in the U.S.

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“Our strategy to grow accounts, engage our audience, and increase monetization is clearly working with 46 percent year-over-year growth in active accounts, 70 percent year-over-year growth in streaming hours and 100+ percent year-over-year growth in media and licensing revenues,” Roku founder and CEO Anthony Wood said, in a statement. “The investments we are making in our platform to enable advertisers and content publishers to reach our rapidly growing audience are paying off, and we are still in the early stages of our capabilities.”