Rolling Rock Partners with ESPN


Labatt USA's Rolling Rock beer is partnering with ESPN on the 'Shooting the
Rock' basketball feature on the network's SportsCenter show, as well as
on 'Hunt for the '33,'' a six-week ESPN cross-platform sweepstakes promotion,
the companies announced Monday.

The latter -- slated to run April 8 through May 19 -- will be built on a
scavenger hunt for the elusive '33,' an integral part of the Rolling Rock brand,
Rolling Rock brand director David van Wees noted.

A customized billboard will precede Rolling Rock commercials during that
promotion to alert viewers to find the hidden 33s on those spots and to enter to
win on the Internet site.
Once on the Web site, consumers can review the spots and enter the total number
of 33s they have found on an online entry form.

The grand prize in the sweepstakes -- which will also be promoted on the
brewer's site -- is
a total of 33 tickets to the winning fan's favorite local sporting events. The
winner will select the events, up to 10 in total.