Romance Looks to Feb. 14


Bethpage, N.Y. -- Hoping that diamonds are its best friend,
Romance Classics is promoting its two-week "Fire & Ice Diamond-a-Day
Giveaway" campaign, culminating on Valentine's Day.

The promotion, hosted by Olympic figure skater Nancy
Kerrigan, involves a "Watch & Win" contest that will award one viewer per
day a diamond necklace.

On Feb. 14, Romance will air Nancy Kerrigan's OneEnchanted
, an original skating special, during which the Olympic medalist will wear the
final $1,500 necklace to be won, said Valerie Green, Romance's marketing director.

During the promotion, romantic movies hosted by Kerrigan
will run nightly, during which she will invite viewers to call in and enter a drawing for
a diamond necklace.

Cable affiliates that support the promotion in their
markets will get Tiffany & Co. gift certificates for $100. The "Fire &
Ice" theme will also be carried over into Romance's Western Show booth next week,
where attendees can win a necklace.