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Romney Pac Makes National Cable Buy

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National cable got
a major-league
media buy from the
“Restore Our Future”
Super PAC, according
to the latest figures
from Sunlight

The PAC,
which has spent
(the Federal Election
Commission tracks
it down to the penny)
to date in support of
Mitt Romney and in opposition to Newt Gingrich and, more
recently, the surging Rick Santorum, spent $417,527.50
on Feb. 15 for a national cable buy, according to its FEC filing,
plus another $7,706.52 in production costs.

The Gingrich-supporting “Winning Our Future” Super
PAC, by contrast, has focused recently on radio advertising.
Together the two political action committees have
spent more than $31 million (or about 60%) of the total
Super PAC expenditures of a little more than $52 million,
according to Sunlight.