Rosenworcel: FCC Needs to Release Band Plan By Third Quarter - Multichannel

Rosenworcel: FCC Needs to Release Band Plan By Third Quarter

Tells CTIA Audience that Commission Should Release Repacking Methodology to Broadcasters by Year-End
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In a speech to the CTIA convention in Las Vegas on Wednesday laying out her view of some incentive auctions priorities and deadlines, Democratic commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said that the FCC should have its band plan for combining broadcasters and wireless operators in place by the third quarter of this year.

"All good deliberations must come to an end," she told the group in outlining what she called "Ten Ideas for Spectrum Right Now."

The FCC has just sought comment on some variations on that band plan, including one offered up by wireless companies and broadcasters, though it is one with which the FCC's Wireless Bureau has issues. According to her prepared text, Rosenworcel did not weigh in on any of the plans. 

Among her other "ideas": Rosenworcel said the FCC should, by the end of the year, share its methodology for repacking stations after the auction.

"This will give broadcasters a better chance to assess the opportunities and impacts of the incentive auction," she said. Rosenworcel said the FCC should also signal now that it will hold the incentive auction in fourth quarter 2014. 

And taking a page from her former boss and former FCC commissioner Mike Copps, Rosenworcel has proposed a series of four public hearings on the FCC's upcoming incentive auctions.