Ross Greenburg Hangs His Own Shingle

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HBO Sports chief Ross Greenburg, who is leaving the company after 33 years, is turning his attention in the short term to producing.

"I'm looking at starting to set up my own thing," he told B&C in an interview Sunday.  "A little Ross Greenburg Productions.  I'm excited to be able to produce for a wide variety of networks.  Perhaps even out of sports."

But Greenburg, who has overseen the highly-touted HBO Sports division since September of 2000 and amassed 51 Sports Emmys and 8 Peabody Awards, also wouldn't rule out a return to a network gig.

"If any network wants to call, that's fine too," he says.  "It would depend on the opportunity, but yeah, I would if it was the right opportunity."

Greenburg's departure comes in the wake of ongoing rumors he would be replaced at the network.  Multiple sources had opined that Greenburg's departure was going to be announced on the Friday before the July 4 holiday. But both sides maintain it was Greenburg's choice to step away.

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