Round 11: ASW-3 Auction Approaches $9 Billion Bid

Closes In On Reserve Prices for Two Tranches of Spectrum

The FCC's Aws-3 auction of wireless spectrum continues to draw a crowd.

At press time Monday, round 11 of the auction had closed — the last round of the day — with $8,919,345,200, already approaching its collective reserve price of $10.587 billion.

More than a billion dollars more was bid ($1,378,768,200) than in round 10 on 1,295 out of 1,614 licenses up for auction. There were 1,056 new bids.

The bidding could go on for days, weeks or even months, with the pace usually leveling off after the early flurry, which showed no signs of abating Monday, day three of the auction, which started Nov. 13 with $1.7 billion bid in round one.

Bidding continues until there are no new bids in a round or a bidder exercises a waiver, which means they are passing but wants the chance to bid again.

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