Round II: AWS-3 Bids Top $2 Billion

Successful Auction Will Mean Less Incentive Auction Financial Pressure

The FCC's AWS-3 (advanced wireless services) online auction is underway. With the second round completed, the bid total now stands at $2,082,293,100 for 1,039 licenses. That is an increase of 27 more licenses bid on and 664 new bids.

The auction opened with 1,679 bids for 1,012 licenses totaling $1,767,350,800. There are a total of 1,614 licenses available.

The bidding could go on for days, weeks or even months.

The FCC's AWS-3 (advanced wireless services) auction is underway. With the first round completed, the opening bids (1,679 of them for 1,012 licenses totaled $1,767,350,800.

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