Rovi’s Fan TV Adds Voice Search

Content discovery platform capable of searching 100,000-plus sources

Users of the Rovi-owned content discovery platform Fan TV will now have the ability to search for content via voice, with the conversational voice feature the first geared exclusively toward finding entertainment, the company announced May 16.

Fan TV — an evolution of the Fanhattan service that Rovi acquired in late 2014 — is available as a free app for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices (as well as online), and works by allowing users to search for content (via title, cast and more), and then listing service providers, availability and pricing. Several service providers — including Verizon, Dish and Cablevision — currently use Fan TV as part of their content discovery services.

The new voice search further reduces the headaches consumers encounter trying to find the content they want, according to Chris Thun, VP of product and marketing for Fan TV.

“The problem we’ve been trying to solve since 2011, and it’s behind the context of everything we do, is with an ever-increasing set of options in terms of where you can discover and watch movies and shows as a consumer … it’s getting increasingly complex to know where to look,” he said.