RTDNA To FCC: We Need Exclusive Spectrum

FCC Will Have to Respond to Challenges of Incentive Auction
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The FCC this week responds to various petitions to reconsider its May broadcast incentive auction order, and it will have a lot to respond to, including concerns by broadcast journalists that the current framework could interfere with important newsgathering, including in times of emergency.

Among those seeking review was the Radio-Television Digital News Association, which is concerned that there is no exclusive spectrum reserved for wireless microphones under the FCC's repacking plan.

Currently, there are two reserved channels in each market and sometimes local broadcasters need even more spectrum than that. Under the FCC's May proposal, there is no spectrum reserved exclusively for wireless mics, though there is spectrum in the duplex gap—between wireless upload and download spectrum—that wireless mics can use, though it will have to be shared with unlicensed devices.

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