‘Rubicon’ Gets Multi-Screen Debut


AMC will roll out the
premiere episode of its new
drama series Rubicon on several
distribution platforms prior to
the series’ Aug. 1 debut, beginning
with a scheduled airing after
the June 13 finale of Breaking

The series, a conspiracy thriller
set in a NYC-based government
intelligence agency, was
set to air at 11 p.m. last night after
the third season finale of Breaking
and before a repeat airing
of the Emmy Award-winning
series’ season ender, according
to AMC.

The Rubicon premiere episode
will also air following the July
25 premiere of Emmy awardwinning
series Mad Men, according
to Linda Schupack, the
network’s senior vice president
of marketing.

In addition, the premiere episode
will also be available free
on several online sites including
Hulu, iTunes, Fancast, V Cast,
Amazon, AOL, yahoo, tv.com and
on amctv.com starting June 14.

Rubicon will also be available
via video on demand throughout
the next six weeks beginning today,
according to the network.

The 13-episode series will officially debut on AMC Aug. 1 at 8
p.m. with a two-hour block that
will include another airing of the
premiere show along with a new
episode, according to AMC. The
one-hour show will return to its
regularly-scheduled 9 p.m. start
time beginning Aug. 8.

Schupack said that the sneak
peek airings of Rubicon will give
AMC fans a chance to sample
the series in advance of its premiere.
“By showcasing Rubicon
after the finale of Breaking Bad
and the premiere of Mad Men,
we give passionate fans of AMC
original programming a special
first look at AMC’s newest original,”
she said.

“And, because viewers get
hooked on TV series in all sorts
of different ways,” she added,
“we made the show available on
all sorts of platforms to expose
the preview to as large an audience
as possible.”