Russian Network Strikes U.S. Carriage Pact


Russia Today, an English-language news channel that presents the Russian point of view, has reached a distribution deal with Time Warner Cable in the New York metropolitan  tri-state area, officials said Tuesday.

Additionally, Russia Todayexecutives said they are creating a Spanish-language TV channel, Rusia Hoy, to complement the flagship English channel Russia Todayand Arabic Rusiya al-Yaum.

“We are proud to bring Russia Today to America and to the greater English, Arabic and soon, the Spanish-speaking worlds,” Sergey Frolov, director general of the parent company TV-Novosti, said in a prepared statement. “We will not only bring them the truth about our fast moving country, we will bring them underreported stories, especially news from Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.”

According to Frolov, the third channel will be added to Novosti’s newscast lineup in 2008. Like the already operating channels, Rusia Hoy will broadcast from Moscow headquarters and will provide the same variety of content as its sister channels.

Russia Today claims to be the first 24-hour English-language news channel to present the Russian point of view on events happening in Russia and around the globe. The channel was established in April 2005 by the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization TV-Novosti. Rusiya al-Yaum, a sister channel in Arabic, joined in May 2007.