S-A Adds to Cable-Modem Lineup


Fresh off the recent Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
certification round, Scientific-Atlanta Inc. has announced additions to its
cable-modem lineup.

The cable-gear maker unveiled the 'WebSTAR DPX213,' a single-chip-driven
modem capable of voice-over-Internet-protocol services, which will start
shipping this quarter.

The modem, which recently gained DOCSIS 1.1 certification from Cable
Television Laboratories Inc., has an embedded media-terminal adapter based
on PacketCable 1.0 specifications for IP voice and includes up to two lines of
telephony, with Ethernet and universal-serial-bus data ports.

'The WebSTAR DPX213 offers cable operators an excellent revenue-generating
opportunity that provides consumers with a variety of services in one
high-performance, compact solution,' said Michael P. Harney, S-A's corporate
senior vice president and president of subscriber networks, in a release.

'Cable operators can strengthen consumer loyalty with reliable voice-over-IP
and high-speed Internet services, plus the convenience of two more phone lines,
with the added advantage of DOCSIS 1.1 interoperability,' he added.
'Scientific-Atlanta, with recent success in the past two certification waves, is
clearly a leading supplier of DOCSIS 1.1 technology.'

S-A also won DOCSIS 1.1 certification for its 'WebSTAR
DPX100' cable modem.