Sí TV on a Barter Spree

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Sí TV has cut a series of cross-marketing deals aimed at promoting the network without forcing it to shell out much cash.

The English-language network, which targets second-and third-generation Latinos living in the United States, recently signed cross marketing deals with XM Satellite Radio, Universal Motown, Fuego Magazine and Vidagirl.com

XM will run commercials on Sí TV, which is available in about 10 million homes, for its 150-channel lineup of commercial-free music and sports, news and talk shows. In exchange, XM will run Sí TV comedy vignettes from the networks Latino Laugh Festival: The Show on the XM comedy channel, and Sí TV and XM will also cross-promote programming on their respective Web sites.


Sí TV chief operating office Leo Perez said the cross-marketing deals with XM and other firms will help the network reach its target audience of wealthy Latinos, aged 18 to 34. While many Sí TV viewers also speak Spanish, he said English is their language of choice when it comes to media consumption.

“Our audience is more affluent, and in this country, the more you speak English, the more affluent and the more income you tend to have. That’s really our core audience,” Perez said.

Fuego Magazine, which is similar to Sí TV in that it targets Latinos with English-language content, also cut a cross-marketing deal with the network. The men’s magazine is similar in style to Maxim.

As part of the deal with Sí TV, Fuego will run ads for the network. In exchange, Sí TV will feature Fuego on its Styleyes lifestyle and fashion show.

Sí TV cut a similar cross-marketing deal with Vidagirl (www.vidagirl.com), an English-language Web portal that draws more than 30,000 unique visitors monthly, targeting Latinas aged 15 to 20. The Web site will promote Sí TV online, in exchange for content supplied by the network.

Universal Motown also signed a cross-marketing deal with Sí TV. Artists on the label, including Latino hip-hop and rap singers Frankie J., Baby Bash and Natalie, will promote Sí TV on video screens at concert venues during an upcoming Latium Tour from Universal Motown.


Sí TV said the artists on the label, who sing predominantly in English and are U.S.-born Hispanic Americans, reflect its viewer profile.

Sí TV senior vice president of marketing Dotty Ewing said “some cash” will trade hands between the network and other firms as part of the cross-marketing deals.

After debuting in February 2004, Sí TV counts about 10 million subscribers. Investors include Time Warner Inc. and EchoStar Communications Corp., and Time Warner Cable and Dish Network are among its biggest distributors.