Sí TV’s New Tack: Revamp to nuvoTV

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Four years after its launchas an Englishlanguage
channel for young, acculturated U.S. Hispanics,
Sí TV will undergo a radical revamping.

The recast channel will not only change its programming
lineup on July 4, but introduce a brand
new name — nuvoTV — and a new logo.

By choosing Independence Day for the official
launch of nuvoTV, the network wants to send a message:
“Sometimes people we deal with don’t recognize
the importance of bicultural Latinos,” Sí TV CEO
Michael Schwimmer said. “Nothing could say in a
bigger way that this is truly an American audience
than to launch our new brand on July 4 … the most
American holiday of them all.”

According to Schwimmer and other Sí TV executives,
the channel’s name often led to some confusion
among potential viewers as to whether the
English-language channel’s content was in Spanish.
So after evaluating hundreds of names and
working with Los Angeles branding shop Industrial
Creative, network officials came up with “nuvoTV,”
a word that combines the first two letters of
“nuevo” (new) and “voice.”

And as it did as Sí TV, nuvoTV plans to capitalize on
the 2010 U.S. Census results. Those figures — which
are in the process of being released — show among
other things that bicultural Latinos constitute about
38 million (or 77%) of the roughly 50 million total U.S.
Hispanic population. What’s more, it is estimated that
before the next Census in 2020, one in five Americans
is expected to be a Latino.

Schwimmer and Sí TV senior vice president of marketing
Rafael Oller insist that the new identity goes
beyond a mere change of name.

“This is not a cosmetic change, but a DNA shift,”
Oller, a former executive at Latin America’s Warner
Channel, said. “Our programming is in line with the
name and the network’s emotional drivers.”

Nielsen will also begin rating nuvoTV later this
year, a decision applauded by marketers who attended
its recent Client Solutions meeting in Miami,
where top Sí TV executives offered advertisers and
distributors a preview of nuvoTV.

NuvoTV will not hold a big upfront presentation
to advertisers in New York this year. Rather, it will
present its fall lineup at a press event during upfront
“We think inviting 1,600 of our friends [to New
York] is not a good strategy, it’s more like a party,” senior
vice president of ad sales Craig Geller said.