S-A Unveils Modem-Router Combo


Scientific-Atlanta Inc. has jumped into the burgeoning field of all-in-one
home-networking devices with the introduction of a combination cable modem,
wireless-access hub and router.

Set to start shipment this summer, the 'DPR362' cable-modem gateway is
designed to allow consumers to connect multiple PCs and devices to their
cable-modem connections.

Based on Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 1.1, the modem
offers 802.11b wireless, Home Phoneline Networking Alliance 2.0,
universal-serial-bus and wired Ethernet connections. It also sports internal
firewall features and 'WebWizard,' a browser-based online status indicator.

'Scientific-Atlanta's new `WebSTAR' cable-modem gateway is designed to be an
innovative solution for connecting the broadband home,' corporate senior vice
president and president of subscriber networks Michael Harney said in a

'It will provide broad versatility for both the installer and the consumer to
easily connect multiple PCs or laptops through a single device,' he