S-A Unveils New Multimedia Box


Scientific-Atlanta Inc. has added another entry to its next-generation box
lineup with the introduction of the 'Explorer 4200 Home Gateway.'

The unit, set to replace the older '4100' box when it starts shipping in
September, has all of the bells and whistles of a new multimedia gateway --
wired and wireless connections linking TVs, PCs, wireless devices, phones and
other internet appliances.

The unit comes with two universal-serial-bus ports and one Ethernet port.

In another first for S-A, the unit includes an internal Data Over Cable
Service Interface Specification 1.0 modem that can be upgraded for DOCSIS 1.1
functions, rather than the Digital Audio/Video Interoperability Council (DAVIC)
modem standard in other S-A models.

The Explorer 4200 also sports a dual processor that can handle up to 329
million instructions per second (MIPS), 32 megabits of flash memory and
high-performance graphics to deliver video-on demand, Web browsing and
t-commerce applications.

But in comparison with the 'Explorer MC' box announced last month in
partnership with Digeo Inc., it will not include a hard drive or
personal-video-recording functions.

The Explorer 4100, meanwhile, will be discontinued in September, according to