Sachs Defends Cable's Access Plans


National Cable & Telecommunications Association president Robert Sachs
told a House subcommittee Monday that cable operators have no plans to use their
cable-modem network to impede consumer access to Web sites on the Internet.

Denying access to all Web sites "goes against any good business sense," Sachs
told the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet.

However, Inc. vice president of global public policy Paul Misener
said regulations were necessary to ensure that cable companies did not favor Web
merchants and content providers with which they had financial relationships.

"[Sachs] did not say that cable will continue to offer unfettered access,"
Misener told the House panel.

Sachs said he couldn't make a blanket commitment because cable ownership is
changing constantly and business models evolve. NCTA member companies have "no
desire" to limit access, he added.